Mar 16, 2015


So happy that my business has been officially open for almost one year.  I've had many ups but also many downs.  Starting a business is hard.  There was so much for me to learn and I'm still learning as I go.  Having an active toddler adds to the lack of time I have available to put towards my business.  But that's life.  I'm trying to find time each day and trying to learn how to put myself on a work schedule.  All this is a learning experience. 

At the moment I'm trying to work on three different projects, well really five.  They are:
1.  Design Style Stingy's first piece of clothing for our collection that will be available soon.
2.  Work on putting together our first pop up shop at the local flea markets and swapmeets.
3.  Putting together my price points and flyer for the Style Stingy personal stylist.
4.  Designing and making my kids skirts and mommy and me collection.
5.  Teaching my JuJu Bean to read sight words.

The last two are really important to me so I have to make time for these as well as run my business.  I'm not prefect.  I will go weeks without posting on Instagram or Facebook.  I'm not really a blogger either.  I just overall suck at these things.  However if I could just shop and put together looks for people I would be rich.  However when you're a start up you have to do all the dirty work yourself.  That's what makes this process so slow and painfully long for me.  I know my weakness but I don't know how to really ask for help because I always try to do everything myself.  That is the one thing I've been working off and on for the past year.  More so off than on.  But in order to be the best entrepreneur I can be I need to know how to delegate task and stop being a control freak especially when I don't know what I'm doing. 

So now that I'm a year into Style Stingy I know a little bit more about what works for my business and what doesn't.  But I still have a lot of learning to do.  My top two prioirities for improving myself is:
1.  Ask for help.  Learn how to ask when I need help with something.  Wheather if be asking the hubby to watch JuJu Bean for an hour while I work to asking for help about the backend logistics for my website. 
2.  Schedule a (flexible) work schedule for myself and JuJu Bean.  I like to post in the mornings but she likes to play.  So I might start doing my work at night while she's sleeping.  Wake up and give her my undivided attention in the mornings.  Then post my pre-made post when she falls asleep. 

I hope if you find this article that it has helped to inspire you to keep at it.  We're not perfect.  Also I hope you will comment, subscribe, and follow me over at Instagram @teatodd2.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd