Jan 27, 2012


It's Friday!! Need an outfit to get you through the work day and then off to dinner with the girls? Try a high low hem line skirt with a button up top. The button up with a dark blazer will make this trendy skirt look conservative enough for the office. Stick with neutral colors for your classic bag and shoes. When the 5 o'clock hour strikes, changes your shoes and add fun accessories. Add a little color to your eyelids and change your bag to a small clutch. Now you're ready to go in 5 minutes. Much Love & Fashion Fun.


Jan 24, 2012


So yet another writer made prejudices remarks.  Nathalie Dolivo, a writer for French Elle, has posted an article stating black people are dressing better because of the Obama family.  Really!  It's so sad to hear such harsh words about black people again.  Did Nathalie not learn anything from the harsh words that Jackie magazine caused late last year when referring to Rhianna?  I guess not.  She goes on to talk about how the Obama's have adopted the white code of dressing.  Lets pause.  I did not know there was such a code.  I thought it was called, "I like J Crew.  I like H&M.  I like what looks good on me."  There is no code.  I wonder how she thought a black president and first lady would dress, the stereotype of what she thinks all black people wear?  Nathalie then goes on to say that black people who adopts this "white code" always add a "classic" twist with turbans or shell necklaces.  I'm sorry Nathalie but you are so wrong.  If you walk outside your door and look around, better yet if you look at the Obama's you will see black people don't always add the "classic" twist.  The "classic" twist  we add on a daily basis is our skin.  We should be more considerate of people.  We can't group people by race alone.  We are complex and that's what makes everyone beautiful.  I hope Nathalie will learn from this.  Much Love.  

Jan 23, 2012


This is the gorgeous bag my cousin gave to me as a birthday gift. She is soooo sweet. I wanted to purchase this bags months ago on one of our shopping trips but didn't.  I was trying to stick to a budget. She knew how much I wanted it & she went back to get it for me. Thank you Love.

Jan 21, 2012


Red hot leather pants too bright for you? Try wearing a softer color pant with a neutral top and accessories. This will help introduce you to wearing brighter color pants. Check out how some of these celebrities rocked the look. I put together a light neutral option and dark neutral option. All pieces are under $50. Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2012


She did it again, and again, and again.  What I'm trying to say is Folake Kuye Huntoon has killer skills when putting a look together.  She is always pulling the hardest pieces together in ways that are wearable.  Take this leopard shirt with red hot leather pants.  Seeing pants this bright, especially in leather, would make me run away from the rack but seeing how she rocked it with the leopard shirt makes me think twice about bright color pants.  I still don't know about leather pants though.  Would you wear bright color pants?  If you do send me photos of how you rock your bright pants.  Enjoy!

Images from Style Pantry

Jan 19, 2012


Finally!  Employees come forth about Forever 21's bad practices within the company.  In the recent article from the Huff Post (written by Alice Hines) states one current and four former employees filed a lawsuit today against the company for unpaid wages.  Didn't we all see this day coming?  The five ladies alleges Forever 21 made them work during their lunch breaks and also made them wait for their bags to be checked once off the clock.  It's not uncommon for the manager to ask a sales associate to work during (lunch) breaks because the store is busy or short staffed.  Waiting for bags to be checked after clocking out can be a one minute process or a 20 minute process.  If managers are busy they sometimes make the staff wait while finishing the task at hand then they will check bags.  It is also a fact Forever 21 makes their employees clock out and clock back in if employees have worked 8 hours or more.  Maybe they don't want to pay the overtime.  Everything is hear-say until proven guiltily or innocent.  Will you continue shopping at the store after reading this story?  Do you work there?  Have you worked there?  I would love to hear your stories.  Enjoy!

Huff Post


Since I'm signed up to Shoe Dazzle they consistently send me updates on new items. I absolutely love these pink pumps with gold studs.  How cute are these?  Enjoy!

Jan 16, 2012


This woman is working all black. It is very classic but modern. You can find wide leg black trouser pants at Topshop and Ann Taylor.   The prices are under $50. Just add your black turtleneck, your classic black bag, and top it off with a bold necklace.  Enjoy!

Jan 14, 2012


Erica Domesk from P.S. I made this gives a great D.I.Y. idea for the winter season.  Fingerless gloves with a unique touch that is inspired by Alexander Mcqueen.  The designer gloves cost over $670.  $670 for gloves.... CRAZY!  I'm all about looking fabulous while saving money and we can make our own version for less than $10-$15 (depending on the materials that are used).  To get the full step by step process click here.  If you make a pair send me a photo and I will post it.  Enjoy! 

                                                                                   Image from whowhatwear.com

Jan 13, 2012


A great friend of mine surprised me with this beautiful Guess bag for my Birthday.  I love it.  This bag will be put to use this spring and summer.  I can see it being worn with maxi dresses, crisp white tees & jeans, and with my shorts and flip flops.  Thank you Ginger.

Jan 11, 2012


I came across this blog by Nadia Aboulhosn.  Beautiful.  I love the fact that she showcases the fact that woman of all sizes can look great.   I don't know her size, and really don't care to know.  She looks great and her style is unique that's all that matters.  She doesn't hold restrictions on herself when it comes to dressing.  Nadia is definitely a risk taker.  Check out her site and you'll see what I'm talking about.  I prefer the classic styles she gives her readers but there are some risqué looks that she pulls off very well.  Enjoy!


Jan 10, 2012


So the wait is finally over Target lovers & Jason Wu lovers (myself included).  Here is a look at the pieces that will be sold exclusively at Target start Feb. 5th.  I wonder if there will be a crazy frenzy over his pieces like there was for Missioni.  Each piece of Jason Wu's collection is priced between $19.99-$59.99.  Chic and affordable.   What is your favorite piece?  Not a cat lover but love the cat bag and cat scarf.  The pieces seems to be versatile enough that many women can incorporate a little Wu into their closet.  Enjoy!

Jan 9, 2012


Blue Ivy Carter.  So what do you think of this unique name choice?  Is it cute, weird, trendy...?  We love Beyonce, but for some reason we felt she could have done a little better in the unique baby naming category.  However it's not our baby and we wish the couple all the best. 

Why Blue-It has been reported that this is Jay-Z's favorite color.  He has named three of his albums "Blueprint". 

Why Ivy-This might have to do with the representation of the roman numeral IV (4).  This number plays a huge part in the couples life.  Both were born on the 4th, they were married on the 4th, and its said that the couple has the roman numeral IV tattooed on their ring fingers.

Even though the world is talking about the little bundle of joys name the family is probably in their own little world enjoying her.  Can't wait to see the photos.  Enjoy.

Jan 5, 2012


La Redoute is a online fashion retailer that sells men, women, children clothing.  No harm.  The harm comes in when a naked man is in the background of a photo with children.  Someone on La Redoute's team did not pay attention to the detail of this Full Monty male.  I wonder how mothers felt when they went online to buy their child a tee shirt and seen the naked man in the back.  However it is a European retailer.  I'm not 100% sure, but I've heard they are a little more liberal there than we are in American.  But I still find it distasteful to have an image like this next to children.  Pay Attention To Detail!!!!  That's just wrong. 

Jan 4, 2012


So your favorite pair of denim is starting to tatter at the hem or maybe the zipper isn't working properly. Whatever the case may be you will die if you have to get rid of them. They make your legs look long and your butt look great. Don't worry if your jeans are in need of a repair, you can send them to Denim Therapy. Daily Deals is offering a special of 50% off denim repair at Denim Therapy. Check it out.

Jan 3, 2012


Daily Look has this cute outfit for sale.  You can buy each item individually or the entire look for $220 (clutch/shoes/jewelery).  All these pieces can easily be added to your existing wardrobe.  I love the fur vest with the crisp white shirt.  It's hard to believe the clutch is less than $35.  Get one before they run out.  Enjoy.

Jan 2, 2012


I really liked Kim's New Years Eve look. The straight hair and bangs really look good on her. Not to mention her figure is flawless in that white dress. Enjoy.

                                                                                              Image from Styleite


If you go to church you're pretty much aware of women wearing hats or in other words "crowns".  As a child I loved to see women dressed up wearing these huge, fancy hats.  I just knew that one day I would wear my own.  However people in my generation (and younger) don't wear crowns.  It is seen as an older (50+) woman style.  But why can't we wear them too?  Of course I wouldn't wear it the same way the older ladies do (they match their hats to their shoes, purse, and even dress).  I would rock my crown with 5" platforms, jeans, and a simple tee with a chunky necklace.  Because I am active in my church I try to make sure I don't push the envelope too much when it comes to my fashion choices.  However I must be myself and I think it would be so cool if younger woman started wearing "crowns" in their own unique way.  What is your take on this fashion choice?  There are many smaller hats you can chose from that is as elaborate but still nice.  Enjoy!