Jan 24, 2012


So yet another writer made prejudices remarks.  Nathalie Dolivo, a writer for French Elle, has posted an article stating black people are dressing better because of the Obama family.  Really!  It's so sad to hear such harsh words about black people again.  Did Nathalie not learn anything from the harsh words that Jackie magazine caused late last year when referring to Rhianna?  I guess not.  She goes on to talk about how the Obama's have adopted the white code of dressing.  Lets pause.  I did not know there was such a code.  I thought it was called, "I like J Crew.  I like H&M.  I like what looks good on me."  There is no code.  I wonder how she thought a black president and first lady would dress, the stereotype of what she thinks all black people wear?  Nathalie then goes on to say that black people who adopts this "white code" always add a "classic" twist with turbans or shell necklaces.  I'm sorry Nathalie but you are so wrong.  If you walk outside your door and look around, better yet if you look at the Obama's you will see black people don't always add the "classic" twist.  The "classic" twist  we add on a daily basis is our skin.  We should be more considerate of people.  We can't group people by race alone.  We are complex and that's what makes everyone beautiful.  I hope Nathalie will learn from this.  Much Love.  

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