Jan 9, 2012


Blue Ivy Carter.  So what do you think of this unique name choice?  Is it cute, weird, trendy...?  We love Beyonce, but for some reason we felt she could have done a little better in the unique baby naming category.  However it's not our baby and we wish the couple all the best. 

Why Blue-It has been reported that this is Jay-Z's favorite color.  He has named three of his albums "Blueprint". 

Why Ivy-This might have to do with the representation of the roman numeral IV (4).  This number plays a huge part in the couples life.  Both were born on the 4th, they were married on the 4th, and its said that the couple has the roman numeral IV tattooed on their ring fingers.

Even though the world is talking about the little bundle of joys name the family is probably in their own little world enjoying her.  Can't wait to see the photos.  Enjoy.

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