Jan 19, 2012


Finally!  Employees come forth about Forever 21's bad practices within the company.  In the recent article from the Huff Post (written by Alice Hines) states one current and four former employees filed a lawsuit today against the company for unpaid wages.  Didn't we all see this day coming?  The five ladies alleges Forever 21 made them work during their lunch breaks and also made them wait for their bags to be checked once off the clock.  It's not uncommon for the manager to ask a sales associate to work during (lunch) breaks because the store is busy or short staffed.  Waiting for bags to be checked after clocking out can be a one minute process or a 20 minute process.  If managers are busy they sometimes make the staff wait while finishing the task at hand then they will check bags.  It is also a fact Forever 21 makes their employees clock out and clock back in if employees have worked 8 hours or more.  Maybe they don't want to pay the overtime.  Everything is hear-say until proven guiltily or innocent.  Will you continue shopping at the store after reading this story?  Do you work there?  Have you worked there?  I would love to hear your stories.  Enjoy!

Huff Post

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