Mar 30, 2012


So my little sister decided she will not be going to her junior prom this year but would rather wait till senior year.  That means I have one more year of her sweet innocence before seeing her in a sexy prom dress.  WAIT, "sexy" prom dress?!?!  Well that is all the rage right now, since it's prom season.  I read a article on Shine about how high schools are setting dress code standards for prom night.  It seems to be that juniors and seniors dresses are becoming too sexy for school officials.  I did my own research and check out some of these risque dresses.  There are quite a few out there but the majority still look like prom dresses.  What it really comes down to is parents.  My parents paid for my dress so it only made sense that they had the final say of which dress I was allowed to wear.  If not I probably would have (being a young and naive 18) worn a dress similar to the first dress shown below.  Did you get away with wearing a "too sexy for prom" dress?  Or did you do the classic prom style gown? 

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Jovani, TJ Formal, Peaches Boutique

Mar 28, 2012


I felt compelled to look at some of Rihanna's past styles after viewing the recent pics of her on Shadders.  I love the blond against her skin tone,  it looks great on her.  However I'm not a fan of the style.  The length plus the long bangs, and feathered edges makes her look older.  She looks like a pretty 30 something instead of a 20 something.  That's just my opinion.  What is your favorite Rihanna hairstyle and/or color?  Do you like her long & sleek, short & fierce, red & bold, or blond and tamed?  My favorite style on her is short & fierce in black.  She has the face to pull off short hair.  The black hair made her eyes look amazing.  She looked great in the other styles too but that is my fav.

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Mar 27, 2012


Growing up I heard an 'ol saying "A (black) woman's pride is in her hair."  Is it acceptable to tell our young sisters & daughters (and to let our boys hear) that 'ol saying?  Is that what women based their pride and self worth on back then and even now, by the texture, length, and beauty of their hair?  I would like to think not but with the growth of wig shops in predominately black neighborhoods it tells a different story (many non black women are wearing wigs and extensions like crazy too.  It's more acceptable now to do so with the help from Hollywood and celebrities). 

There is another 'ol saying I'm not too fond of, "She has good hair."  Yes I must admit in my young age of adolescence I used this term to describe someone with not so kinky hair.  Now I refuse to let this sentence come out my mouth.  Like so many young black women I thought my hair wasn't beautiful enough because it resembled hair that looked like Macy Grey's instead of Tatyana Ali's.  But after having countless discussions, digging through research, and deciding to define what was beautiful hair to me, I decided to ban the term "good hair" from my dialect. 

Solange Knowles is a good example of a woman who doesn't let her hair define her.  Everyone was in shock when she cut off her hair.  And once it started to grow back it did not look like how it did before, straight and processed.  This time it was a kinky fro.  Her natural hairstyles and weave/lace front hairstyles are all beautiful because she is beautiful on the inside and it radiates to her exterior.  So her hair isn't her pride, just an extension of who she is and is becoming.   Do you feel ethnic hair still holds a stereotype in 2012?  Do you find yourself conforming to others ideas of what your hair should look like?
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Mar 23, 2012


Eye-wear has become a fashion accessory over the past several years now.  I am in search of a new pair of frames because I know my optometrist is going to give me the bad news soon about needing a new pair.  I love the frames I have now.  They are so nerdy but yet professional and classic.   I figured I should start the hunt now for a pair.  I have always loved the size of sunglasses.  For years I've been searching for these large frames.  Now they are in Vogue and everyone is wearing them.  Do you rock frames for seeing purposes or just for fun?  Send your photos in on how you rock your frames.  Here are some photos of frames I liked from the internet. 

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Mar 22, 2012


I apologize to you those of you who have been following me.  I have been away for what feels like a month.  I can't complain God has blessed me with a booked schedule these past few weeks.  I thought I would be able to work full time, stay committed to the many obligations I have, and to bring you excellent content.  Oh yeah and continue with the quest of losing weight before trying to conceive. 
Well the last two has went out the window this past couple of weeks.  I like to share with you what I have been spending my time doing.

I had a bridal shower for one of my best friends.  It was gorgeous.  The other bridesmaid did a great job at picking the location, Viceroy in Santa Monica.  The brides sister made the best cake pops I ever eaten and I put together a great gift box for the bride to be.

Another bridal shower.  This time for a wonderful young lady who  my churches couples ministry, "Covenant Couples".  Oh did I forget to mention I had a root canal and a deep cleaning the same time the shower was going on.  By time I arrived the bride to be opened the gift I brought her and two others....then it was over.  Oh well, she had fun with all the family and friends who were there.  Hated the fact I missed out on everything.

I would have attended my third bridal shower of the spring season but instead my husband and I attended his friends engagement party.  The bride to be is very shy.  She doesn't even want to wear a dress for the big day.  Mike is trying to convince her to let me help her pick out a dress and style her.  I say it's her day and she can wear what she wants.

It's the first wedding of the season for us.  Mike and I did a turn around trip to Vegas to celebrate the union of my high school friend (her shower was the day before).  I haven't seen her in years.  Of course she looked beautiful.  There is something about brides on their day.  I guess it's the glow of being in love and all the smiling that brings such a beauty to them.  I loved how the ambiance was.  You could tell the couple shared their day with family and friends they truly loved.

It taking me one hour and fifty minutes to get to the rehearsal of Dennis and Kim's wedding.....TRAFFIC.  Once there it was worth it.  All the women were running around still decorating the church and finishing last minute touches.  Mike and I are part of The Covenant Couples" dance ministry.  The couple asked us to dance at their ceremony.

I told myself I would not cry, but I lied to myself.  Dennis and Kim's wedding was so special.  You could feel God and his angels encamped at the ceremony.  The ceremony was beautiful as was the bride.  The reception was great, they had a dessert bar instead of the the traditional sit down lunch.  It was a dream come true (for my sweet tooth)  It was such a blessing to be involved in their wedding.

Mar 21, 2012


Women of color you know how we can be about our hair.  Most of us can't just wash our hair, leave the house, and let it naturally air dry.  Instead we take time and a lot of special needed attention to our hair before stepping foot out the door.  Whether if our hair is worn naturally, relaxed, with extensions, or with a wig, we take ultimate care in how we want to be portrayed through our hair.  How do you rock your hair?  Is it your own unique style or do you mimic someone else hot style?
Much Love & Fashion Fun
Tea Todd

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Mar 6, 2012


I love the idea of this bag by Diane Von Furstenberg.  It is a handbag that is also a case for your iPad.  You don't even have to take the iPad out of the bag.  This bag is multi-functional and the shape is classic, made out of real leather which means it only gets better the more you wear it.  There is one little problem, the price.  This bag retails at $695.  Sorry DVF, I'm not willing to shell out that kind of money for a bag.  But like with all things that are in fashion, someone will copy it and copy it again and again.  Then the price will be more reasonable for the mass market.  If I see any tech savvy bags below the cost of $100 I will let you know and let me know if you find any.
Much Love & Fashion Fun.

Mar 2, 2012


What are your first thoughts when you look at this magazine cover?  There is controversy in the Philippines about this FHM cover.  The light skin Asian woman and the darker skin women surrounding her (one I believe is in black face) and the title "Stepping Out of The Shadows."  My opinion is that the title coupled with the images of the black women makes it offensive to people with darker skin.  Why not have the actress stepping out of a dark room into a light filled room or somehting of the at nature to describe the actress stepping out of the shadows.  When you add the darker skin women it makes it appear as if the lighter skin woman is better than the other women.  FHM has apologize about offending anyone.  They stated on their website that they will have a new cover in place of this one.  What are your opions and thoughts about this image?  Are we reading too much into it or is it right on point?  Enjoy!