Apr 30, 2012


My cousin makes the best desserts, so much so she is starting her own business.  Whenever I hear of  a new concoction I immediately text her and tell her to make it and I will test the deliciousness (for her business of course).  Well I found a new project for her, Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies...YUM!!!!!  Searching the web I came across another bloggers site called Sweet Pea's Kitchen.  I can't wait for my cousin to make these.  You can get the full recipe at Sweet Pea's Kitchen.  Enjoy!

Apr 26, 2012


It's been a busy week.  One of my closets friends tied the knot this past weekend.  Beautiful wedding.  I'll share more on that soon.  Take a look at the inspiration boards I've worked on this week. 

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

Apr 17, 2012


NYMag.com featured the most recent Nicki Minaj gossip.  She is coming out with her own fragrance this fall.  It is only obvious she would, every celebrity travels down this road.  I'm not into celeb fragrances but I actually would like to smell what Nicki will bring to the table.  Will it be sweet and girly or strong and sexy.  I guess it depends on her mood that day.  Or maybe she will surprise us with both...... 

Much Love and Fashion Fun.

Image from Allure

Apr 16, 2012


Here is an idea to help with the reinvention of yourself, clear your living space.  It's hard to see where you want to go when stuff is blocking that vision physically.  Pick a space that needs to be de-cluttered or made over.  One of the best places to start is your closet.  Is your closet too small?  Don't worry, here are a few quick tips you can do on a Saturday afternoon.  Buy some paint (2 colors to really be bold), brushes, a wall stencil (or use your freehand), and wrapping paper.  All this should cost you less than $30 (depending on where you shop and the brand).  This little project will help open up your small closet and rejuvenate your mind.

Step One:  Take all your clothes out the closet.  You have two choices at this point.  You can weed out the clothing you're not wearing.  Or you can keep all your clothing but make them look nice by buttoning up all buttons and zipping all zippers.  Doing just this little bit makes a difference.

Step Two:  Stencil or paint your closet.  Hopefully you chose a color that goes with your room decor and makes you happy.  Once paint is completely dry stencil the second color on top of the new color.  There is a good visual of the step by step process Emily used on her blog MerryPad.

Step Three:  While paint is drying get all your shoe boxes together and have a wrapping party.  Wrap your shoe boxes so all the boxes match (or not, you can do a stripe paper and dot paper in the same colors to break up the unison).  Take a photo of all your shoes and place on front of the box to identify the shoe.  Or you can spend a little more money and get clear plastic containers to place your shoes in.  Then place your photo on the inside.

Step Four:  Put clothes back in closet.  With this little bit of work hopefully it motivated you to do more with your closet like add a few shelf's or coordinate all your hangers to the same color.  Minor adjustments like these will make looking at your clothing refreshing.  Here are a few more images to get your motivation going.

Much Love & Fashion Fun!

Apr 12, 2012


Since spring is here and the guilt of the holidays are behind us now is the time to take a look at our self.  Now is a great time to reinvent oneself.  Whether it's the reinvention of your style, your spirit, or your goals in life now is the time.

Reinventing yourself can be very difficult, you are letting go of something you are so familiar with.  The first step is recognizing that something has to change for the better.  Once you decide what needs to be changed you can move forward to the next step, doing research in what needs to be changed.  Depending on what you are reinventing check out websites, magazines, books, and even people.  For example you want to live green, find a mentor who can help assist you in your journey while reading about this type of lifestyle change. 

Step three is to implement what you have learned.  You will make mistakes, remember you are doing something that is not the everyday norm for you, it's ok to stumble.  This is where your mentor will come in handy.  Finally step four is perfecting your reinvention for you.  For example you went from frumpy mom to hot mom.  You tried dressing up and wearing heels but hate them, thats ok.  Fine tune your style to incorporate beautiful flats or wedges instead. 

Have you reinvented yourself recently?  What was the drastic change and why did you reinvent yourself?  Much Love & Fashion Fun!

Apr 5, 2012

MIAMI 2012

So my best friend and I are going to Miami for her big 3-0 party celebration. I am so excited!!! I was in Miami only for a few hours once before, just passing through. Well now I get to enjoy it for a few days with one of the coolest people ever. I figured there are a few key pieces that are needed for a trip like this. Yet I still haven't packed and I'm missing some core items for my Miami wardrobe. Are you a last minute packer or do you truly plan out your wardrobe? My intentions are good, I made a list of items needed about several weeks ago. However I'm bad at following up, just starting purchasing items this week. There are pros and cons to both packing techniques but waiting till the last minute can be exhausting.

Much Love & Fashion Fun.

Apr 2, 2012


My wonderful husband LOVES kinky hair.  He even encourages me to rock my natural kinks.  I love the look of afros but I feel it's not the time in my life to go au natural.  I'm still young and want to continue to rock big, long hair while I can.  If you know me you know what I'm talking about (Chaka Chan/Diana Ross/Beyonce hair).  We are planning on starting a family soon.  I keep cringing at the though of having a little girl.  What am I going to do with her hair?  How will I be a good role model to her about the beauty of her hair when I have issues with my own hair?  These are some of the questions I ask myself.  I grew up in the 80's where mama's loved to perm their daughters hair and put them in weaves and braids at a very young age, now realizing that wasn't the best idea.  My husband came across this wonderful site (naturalgirlsunited.com) that sales barbies with ethnic hairstyles.   I wish I had this barbie growing up.  So when we start our family and if it's a little girl I will have to set new patterns and learning new ones along the way.  Did you have issues with your hair growing up?  Are you setting new patterns for yourself and your family?
Much Love & Fashion Fun.