Jul 5, 2016


These past few years have been a roller coaster ride.  Many ups and downs.  Since having my Little I had to learn the hard way, I can't do everything on my own.  I can't do everything period.  All my life I have been so independent, doing my own thing.  I'm blessed to have a husband who enjoys many of the things I like.  But when you throw a baby into the world of an independent, grew up as the only child, perfectionist be sure to know that chaos will erupt. 

I feel that I'm somewhat ready to share my story with you on a consistent bases now.  I know there has to be other women going through this same journey as I am and not looking perfect, not having a perfect marriage, not being a perfect mother, and not being perfect overall.  I chose the wrong time to start my business.  A little back story for those of you who don't know.  I quiet my job of several years in the fashion industry to become a stay at home mom (sahm).  I literally made the final decision the Saturday before returning back to work.  On top of that, I started a online clothing company my first week being home full time.  What was I thinking?  Being an overachiever that I am I just knew I could handle it all (no, I'm not trying to boast or toot my own horn but I have issues with not trying my best, something I will touch on later in my blogging journey).

My goal this time around with my blog is to share with others my trials & errors, my jounery and my accomplishments as a wife, mother, and new business owner.  This blog will not be perfect.  Sometimes I might not have photos.  Yes there might be typos and mistakes.  But I'm not trying to be perfect here anymore.  I'm just being me.  I've wasted so much time and energy trying to get everything perfect before posting content.  So what if it's not perfect.  At this moment in my life I am doing something different.  I hope you will come only with me in this journey.  Tell me something about yourself.  Are you mother?  A self proclaimed profectionist?  A wife?  A self owned business owner?  A stay a home mother?  Let me know.

Keep Choosing Joy,
Tea Todd