Aug 24, 2012


I heard this phrase recently and it reminded me that sometimes we put so much energy into our looks but lack the energy to build up who we are and aspire to be. This date night look is simple. Just pull out your LBD (or black tank and skirt) and acceossorize with your favorite color. Mine at the moment is hot pink. So for date night I will wear hot pink pumps with my hot pink clutch and hot pink lips, KISS.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

Aug 23, 2012


This is my first ever interview for The Sugar Honey Ice Tea.  So excited! 
I met Grace at a church play last month.  Her twist are beautiful and the color really looked lovely on her.  She's of Nigerian/African-American descent with three sisters and two older brothers. Grace is currently pursuing a degree in biochemistry with aspirations of becoming an ob/gyn.  Here is her interview to better understand her style.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

1. Why did you choose your current style & the color?
I chose to do kinky twists because I absolutely love to style them. They last a pretty long time, I can style them differently nearly every week if I wanted and they tend to look their best when they’re old. I love twists so much that I’ve had nearly every color in my head. I tend to like highlights, so looking at the selection available in the shop I buy my hair from, I chose a 1B and a burgundy color.

2. What brand of hair do you use?
I typically use Bobby Boss Synthetic Afro Kinky twisting hair. I’ve also used Booby Boss Synthetic Jamaica Braid hair as well. It just all depends on the color I’m looking to put in and what’s available in the Beauty Shop I purchase my hair at.

3. What products do you use to keep your hair looking hot?
I don’t like to use too many products on my hair, since it will typically cause my hair to get oily. I just simply spray a little oil sheen and maybe use some Edge Control to maintain my front edges.

4. How long have you had this style?
I had this particular style for about 3 months. I love getting kinky twists because the style, if properly maintained, can last and still look good for a good amount of time.

5. Who is your (hair) style icon?
I actually don’t have a hair icon in particular. My sister who’s a hairstylist tends to suggest and inspire styles she feels would suit me best. I also love to draw some of my hair ideas from Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, while adding in my own personal twists and spins, from time to time.


One more day until the work week is over. Oh how I love this closet. Wouldn't you love to wake up to this every morning getting dressed for work?   This look is dressy for the office but yet causal because of the muted colors. 

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

Aug 20, 2012


Happy Monday! It's the start of the work week again. Maybe you're one of the few lucky people in Vegas this week attending Magic. But even if you're not you can still have a fabulous week. I put together this look to kick off Monday. This look is great for the office or for an interview. I love the mustard and brown colors in this look. It's still a little warm for the jacket but I can't wait to replicate this look for work this fall. Have a wonderful and bless week.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

Aug 18, 2012


Need inspiration for going out tonight? This is a low key look.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd


Aug 14, 2012


I must say I love hair magazines.  They give me all the latest styles of what's hot in the world of hair.  Every month I pick up Hype Hair or Black Sophisticated and fall in love with many styles.  This past weekend my sister and I went hair shopping and I decided to try on short wigs, really short wigs.  On the head the style looked fierce.  Would it look that way on me?  Once I put the wig on I realized, "NO!  This is not for me!" 

Ladies, just like with our clothing, we must not be trendy with our hair.  We must know when to rock something because it looks great on us, not because everyone else is wearing it.  I sometimes get board with my (hair) style but in the end I always come back to my big, big hair.  This is what suits me.  It works great with my facial features and my persona.  I've been wanting that RiRi look (short on one side but shorter on the other side), but realized (before it was too late) that this style is not me. 

This summer ombre hair and brightly colored hair was the trend.  Now is the time to wear that bubble gum pink wig and people may not look twice at me.  Um, I think not.  I know people who can pull these trends off but I'm not one, I'll just look ridiculous.  This past year I have experimented with many different (big) hair styles.  Some were great and some were just ok.  But at this moment I back at my tried and true (hair) style, I love it.  Have you ever experienced a bad hair style, whether it was your hair, weave, or wig? 

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

Aug 10, 2012


It's Friday and I'm in the mood for a project.  I came across this simple, cheap, and very easy idea from "P.S. I Made This".  She turns a guitar strap into a rock goddess purse strap.  I know I have an old belt (yes I'm going to try it out on a belt) laying around and a simple clutch.  If not these items can be purchased for less than $10 each (try Target, Forever 21, Goowill, etc).  I'm going to head to Michael's to pick up some beads and babbles of my liking.  Can't wait for the results.  I'll follow up with you guys and letting you know how it turns out.

Much Love & Fashion Fun

Tea Todd

Image from-P.S. I Made This

Aug 7, 2012


Every time I go shopping I find myself gravitating towards a piece of clothing that is striped.  I don't know why, but I own about 10 stripe shirts.  I love navy & white stripes or a heather gray stripe with a neutral color.  Stripes are classic yet they are trendy.  When I came across Rejina Tyson's blog, "You Like It?  I Made It!" I fell in love with her head to toe stripe outfit.  It might be too much for some but she pulls it off well.  The wide brim hat calls for attention with its large black and white stripes.  But then your eyes focuses on the coral and white stripe shirt with a large scoop on the back neck.  And finally you noticed that cute skirt with the ruffle, and it is a stripe.  Love it!  She played well with the proportions and the colors of the stripes.  Would you wear head to toe stripe in different colors?  What's your opinion on this look?

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd