Aug 14, 2012


I must say I love hair magazines.  They give me all the latest styles of what's hot in the world of hair.  Every month I pick up Hype Hair or Black Sophisticated and fall in love with many styles.  This past weekend my sister and I went hair shopping and I decided to try on short wigs, really short wigs.  On the head the style looked fierce.  Would it look that way on me?  Once I put the wig on I realized, "NO!  This is not for me!" 

Ladies, just like with our clothing, we must not be trendy with our hair.  We must know when to rock something because it looks great on us, not because everyone else is wearing it.  I sometimes get board with my (hair) style but in the end I always come back to my big, big hair.  This is what suits me.  It works great with my facial features and my persona.  I've been wanting that RiRi look (short on one side but shorter on the other side), but realized (before it was too late) that this style is not me. 

This summer ombre hair and brightly colored hair was the trend.  Now is the time to wear that bubble gum pink wig and people may not look twice at me.  Um, I think not.  I know people who can pull these trends off but I'm not one, I'll just look ridiculous.  This past year I have experimented with many different (big) hair styles.  Some were great and some were just ok.  But at this moment I back at my tried and true (hair) style, I love it.  Have you ever experienced a bad hair style, whether it was your hair, weave, or wig? 

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

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  1. I really like Ciara's lace front, I would love to have a wig that's two-tone, just not that blonde. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    April Spicer