Apr 16, 2012


Here is an idea to help with the reinvention of yourself, clear your living space.  It's hard to see where you want to go when stuff is blocking that vision physically.  Pick a space that needs to be de-cluttered or made over.  One of the best places to start is your closet.  Is your closet too small?  Don't worry, here are a few quick tips you can do on a Saturday afternoon.  Buy some paint (2 colors to really be bold), brushes, a wall stencil (or use your freehand), and wrapping paper.  All this should cost you less than $30 (depending on where you shop and the brand).  This little project will help open up your small closet and rejuvenate your mind.

Step One:  Take all your clothes out the closet.  You have two choices at this point.  You can weed out the clothing you're not wearing.  Or you can keep all your clothing but make them look nice by buttoning up all buttons and zipping all zippers.  Doing just this little bit makes a difference.

Step Two:  Stencil or paint your closet.  Hopefully you chose a color that goes with your room decor and makes you happy.  Once paint is completely dry stencil the second color on top of the new color.  There is a good visual of the step by step process Emily used on her blog MerryPad.

Step Three:  While paint is drying get all your shoe boxes together and have a wrapping party.  Wrap your shoe boxes so all the boxes match (or not, you can do a stripe paper and dot paper in the same colors to break up the unison).  Take a photo of all your shoes and place on front of the box to identify the shoe.  Or you can spend a little more money and get clear plastic containers to place your shoes in.  Then place your photo on the inside.

Step Four:  Put clothes back in closet.  With this little bit of work hopefully it motivated you to do more with your closet like add a few shelf's or coordinate all your hangers to the same color.  Minor adjustments like these will make looking at your clothing refreshing.  Here are a few more images to get your motivation going.

Much Love & Fashion Fun!

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