Apr 12, 2012


Since spring is here and the guilt of the holidays are behind us now is the time to take a look at our self.  Now is a great time to reinvent oneself.  Whether it's the reinvention of your style, your spirit, or your goals in life now is the time.

Reinventing yourself can be very difficult, you are letting go of something you are so familiar with.  The first step is recognizing that something has to change for the better.  Once you decide what needs to be changed you can move forward to the next step, doing research in what needs to be changed.  Depending on what you are reinventing check out websites, magazines, books, and even people.  For example you want to live green, find a mentor who can help assist you in your journey while reading about this type of lifestyle change. 

Step three is to implement what you have learned.  You will make mistakes, remember you are doing something that is not the everyday norm for you, it's ok to stumble.  This is where your mentor will come in handy.  Finally step four is perfecting your reinvention for you.  For example you went from frumpy mom to hot mom.  You tried dressing up and wearing heels but hate them, thats ok.  Fine tune your style to incorporate beautiful flats or wedges instead. 

Have you reinvented yourself recently?  What was the drastic change and why did you reinvent yourself?  Much Love & Fashion Fun!

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