Mar 30, 2012


So my little sister decided she will not be going to her junior prom this year but would rather wait till senior year.  That means I have one more year of her sweet innocence before seeing her in a sexy prom dress.  WAIT, "sexy" prom dress?!?!  Well that is all the rage right now, since it's prom season.  I read a article on Shine about how high schools are setting dress code standards for prom night.  It seems to be that juniors and seniors dresses are becoming too sexy for school officials.  I did my own research and check out some of these risque dresses.  There are quite a few out there but the majority still look like prom dresses.  What it really comes down to is parents.  My parents paid for my dress so it only made sense that they had the final say of which dress I was allowed to wear.  If not I probably would have (being a young and naive 18) worn a dress similar to the first dress shown below.  Did you get away with wearing a "too sexy for prom" dress?  Or did you do the classic prom style gown? 

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Jovani, TJ Formal, Peaches Boutique

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