Mar 22, 2012


I apologize to you those of you who have been following me.  I have been away for what feels like a month.  I can't complain God has blessed me with a booked schedule these past few weeks.  I thought I would be able to work full time, stay committed to the many obligations I have, and to bring you excellent content.  Oh yeah and continue with the quest of losing weight before trying to conceive. 
Well the last two has went out the window this past couple of weeks.  I like to share with you what I have been spending my time doing.

I had a bridal shower for one of my best friends.  It was gorgeous.  The other bridesmaid did a great job at picking the location, Viceroy in Santa Monica.  The brides sister made the best cake pops I ever eaten and I put together a great gift box for the bride to be.

Another bridal shower.  This time for a wonderful young lady who  my churches couples ministry, "Covenant Couples".  Oh did I forget to mention I had a root canal and a deep cleaning the same time the shower was going on.  By time I arrived the bride to be opened the gift I brought her and two others....then it was over.  Oh well, she had fun with all the family and friends who were there.  Hated the fact I missed out on everything.

I would have attended my third bridal shower of the spring season but instead my husband and I attended his friends engagement party.  The bride to be is very shy.  She doesn't even want to wear a dress for the big day.  Mike is trying to convince her to let me help her pick out a dress and style her.  I say it's her day and she can wear what she wants.

It's the first wedding of the season for us.  Mike and I did a turn around trip to Vegas to celebrate the union of my high school friend (her shower was the day before).  I haven't seen her in years.  Of course she looked beautiful.  There is something about brides on their day.  I guess it's the glow of being in love and all the smiling that brings such a beauty to them.  I loved how the ambiance was.  You could tell the couple shared their day with family and friends they truly loved.

It taking me one hour and fifty minutes to get to the rehearsal of Dennis and Kim's wedding.....TRAFFIC.  Once there it was worth it.  All the women were running around still decorating the church and finishing last minute touches.  Mike and I are part of The Covenant Couples" dance ministry.  The couple asked us to dance at their ceremony.

I told myself I would not cry, but I lied to myself.  Dennis and Kim's wedding was so special.  You could feel God and his angels encamped at the ceremony.  The ceremony was beautiful as was the bride.  The reception was great, they had a dessert bar instead of the the traditional sit down lunch.  It was a dream come true (for my sweet tooth)  It was such a blessing to be involved in their wedding.

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