Mar 28, 2012


I felt compelled to look at some of Rihanna's past styles after viewing the recent pics of her on Shadders.  I love the blond against her skin tone,  it looks great on her.  However I'm not a fan of the style.  The length plus the long bangs, and feathered edges makes her look older.  She looks like a pretty 30 something instead of a 20 something.  That's just my opinion.  What is your favorite Rihanna hairstyle and/or color?  Do you like her long & sleek, short & fierce, red & bold, or blond and tamed?  My favorite style on her is short & fierce in black.  She has the face to pull off short hair.  The black hair made her eyes look amazing.  She looked great in the other styles too but that is my fav.

Much Love & Fashion Fun.

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  1. I love all of it. I love how she experiments with everything