Mar 2, 2012


What are your first thoughts when you look at this magazine cover?  There is controversy in the Philippines about this FHM cover.  The light skin Asian woman and the darker skin women surrounding her (one I believe is in black face) and the title "Stepping Out of The Shadows."  My opinion is that the title coupled with the images of the black women makes it offensive to people with darker skin.  Why not have the actress stepping out of a dark room into a light filled room or somehting of the at nature to describe the actress stepping out of the shadows.  When you add the darker skin women it makes it appear as if the lighter skin woman is better than the other women.  FHM has apologize about offending anyone.  They stated on their website that they will have a new cover in place of this one.  What are your opions and thoughts about this image?  Are we reading too much into it or is it right on point?  Enjoy!

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