Jan 2, 2012


If you go to church you're pretty much aware of women wearing hats or in other words "crowns".  As a child I loved to see women dressed up wearing these huge, fancy hats.  I just knew that one day I would wear my own.  However people in my generation (and younger) don't wear crowns.  It is seen as an older (50+) woman style.  But why can't we wear them too?  Of course I wouldn't wear it the same way the older ladies do (they match their hats to their shoes, purse, and even dress).  I would rock my crown with 5" platforms, jeans, and a simple tee with a chunky necklace.  Because I am active in my church I try to make sure I don't push the envelope too much when it comes to my fashion choices.  However I must be myself and I think it would be so cool if younger woman started wearing "crowns" in their own unique way.  What is your take on this fashion choice?  There are many smaller hats you can chose from that is as elaborate but still nice.  Enjoy!

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