Jul 22, 2012


Do you feel you've outgrown your favorite clothing store?  I'm talking about stores like Forever 21, Windsor, even H&M.  I've loved these stores with a passion, I even worked for one for a while.  But now that I'm older I find not only has my hips outgrown most of the bottoms but my taste and need for quality has outgrown these stores too. 

Being a UC grad & a FIDM grad means I have a lot of "good" debt that still needs to be paid off.  With that being said there isn't that much money left at the end of paychecks to buy expensive clothes.  So I have to make do.  But now that I'm older I'm finding my style and taste is evolving.  The issue I'm having is my bank account only allows for these types of stores at the moment.  But my style is evolving to Banana Republic and Victoria Secret prices.  Don't get me wrong I'll spend a little more money on a good pair of jeans or shoes but when it comes to a tee shirt my heart wont allow me to spend more than $10. 

Another reason I've outgrown these stores is because the fit and quality is not good (to me anymore).  The fit is not for a woman.  It's only for a 16 year girl or a woman with a 16 year old body.  The moment I started getting my hips and developing more in my boobs I couldn't wear about 80% of the clothing.  The 20% of clothes I can wear is not made well and the fabric quality is not good.  It kind of sucks because while I like the fashions these stores offer they don't aim for my age group/body shape.  I feel like other discount retailers such as Ross or Marshells does a better job but it's such a hassle sometimes having to search through the racks to find what you're looking for. 

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Do you feel you've outgrown your favorite store?  Are you stuck at these stores for various reasons?  Tell me your thoughts.

Much Love & Fashion Fun

Tea Todd

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