Oct 30, 2013


While searching the internet tonight I seen a very daring cutout dress on a woman (the second dress below). This dress is hot, a little too hot. I must admit this cutout is too much for me.  I believe you can't wear panties with this. I did  find the site that made this custom dress and found that there are more demure yet original styles available. These styles I could wear to the appropriate events. The designer started off by making clothing for herself to fit her unique body shape. Others loved her designs and the rest is history. With the holiday season upon us it would be nice to walk into a party and not see three other girls wearing your dress. You are bound to turn heads. With uniqueness comes a price. However it's well worth it since the garment will fit only you and it's handmade. Would you wear any of these, if so whats your favorite?

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

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