Nov 13, 2013


My baby girl is finally here.  She is nine weeks now.  Wow how time flies. The days are passing by so fast that I miss days of the week.  All my time and energy goes to her.  We still haven't set a routine and don't believe we will for a few more weeks.  I am really living one day at a time, enjoying this precious gift God has given us.  I normally like to rush to the next thing but I am taking my sweet time with baby girl.  She will never be this age again and I will never be a new mom again.  Because I have this wonderful edition to my life I will post articles about baby stuff and parenthood.  If you're not at this point in your life feel free to skip post relating to baby girl/parenthood.  But hopefully you will be along for the ride of this wonderful journey.  Want more photos?  Follow me on Instagram @Teatodd2.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

 Baby Girl & Me at 2 weeks old.

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