Dec 31, 2013


I've been wanting to write this post for a while but my baby girl has been keeping me busy.  It's better late than never.  I'm a visual person so when I see something or write it down I can remember it.  Vision/inspiration boards are great for seeing what it is you want to accomplish.  There are sites like Pinterest and Tumblr that allow you collect images in one place but I need something that I can see every time I walk by.  I had inspirational boards before baby girl arrived but taken them down since it was right above her crib.  Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things I realized I need my boards back.  I searched Pinterest for some inspiration on inspiration boards (lol).  I love the organized boards (I love organization) but when it comes to this kind of stuff I like to have images everywhere.  This is project would be great for you.  You can create one big board with everything or break it up into several categories.  Here are a few ideas for creating your vision/inspiration board(s).
1. Fashion-What you like now/How you want to dress?
2. Savings-What are saving for/What do you want to save for?
3. Hobby(s)-What is your hobby now/What is a new interest you would like to pursue?
4. Fitness-Whats your fitness goals/Whats your ideal body image (Please be realistic on this one.  If you have a Beyonce body shape don't put up images of women who have a Chanel Iman body shape.  Lets not set ourselves up).
5. Home-What home improvements do you want to do?
6. Personal-Do you want to spend more time with family/travel more?
This is just a few ideas for getting your boards together.  When you see an image, a color, a piece of fabric, etc that you like put it on your board(s).  You can use anything to create your board(s).  Cork boards, card stock, or just your wall will do fine.  Let me know if you create your board(s).

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

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