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Feb 27, 2012


ENOUGH ALREADY!!!  I love high heels.  I always thought the higher the better until I recently went shopping for shoes for my friends bridal shower.  Well now designers are making them higher and higher and higher.  Pretty soon a woman who is 5' will be able to look like she is 5'8".  Yeah this is great for the shorter woman.  But for the taller woman it appears to be a sad story.  As a tall woman (5'11" and proud of it) I wear high heels all the time.  Sometimes as high as 4"- 4 1/2".  I can get away with it because 1) my husband is 6'5" and 2) I've been wearing heels since I was a teenager so family and friends are use to seeing me at 6'1" - 6'4".  But with the many (cute) styles coming out this season I'm not sure if I will be able to find heels as easily anymore.  "The higher the better" started with the hidden platform trend.  The hidden platform was a blessing to my feet.  However designers are adding a higher heel to the comfy platform which is making it harder for (confident) tall women to find heels. What is your thoughts on this trend?  Much Love & Fashion Fun.



I have never been able to get into high heels. Just so uncomfortable for me. I work from home too so I guess I dont really need them...

What a cute site title name!

I personally don't wear heels higher than 2-3 inches due to a hairline fracture.

Stopping by from the 100 Comments event.

Hey Angi,
I agree with you, working from home why the need to wear them. But now with the hidden platform heels are easier and more comfortable to walk in. It feels like wearing a wedge shoe. Try a pair for when going out to dinner or for an event, you might change your mind. Thanks for your comment.

Hello Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by! Last year I thought I had a hairline fracture but it was just swollen ligaments. I couldn't wear any heels for about half a year. All I could wear was my bright blue converse sneakers, the only pair of tennis shoes I own (beside my crappy workout sneakers). Shoes can change your complete look.

anche a me piacciono ma porto quasi sempre tacchi bassi e quando finalmente mi metto un bel paio di tacchi alti ho bisogno di una mezzora per imparare a camminarci e dopo poco li tolgo per il mal di piedi....una sono troppo belli

Ciao janana,
Grazie per la vostra janana ingresso. Penso che la maggior parte delle donne hanno un rapporto agrodolce con i loro tacchi. Ci piace come si trasforma il nostro abbigliamento, il nostro cammino, e talvolta anche il nostro atteggiamento. Ma alla fine del giorno / notte i nostri piedi sono così male che non abbiamo mai voglia di indossare di nuovo .... fino alla prossima volta che vogliamo vestire.

Hello Janana,
Thanks for your input Janana. I think most women have a bittersweet relationship with their heels. We love how it transforms our outfit, our walk, and even sometimes our attitude. But by the end of the day/night our feet are so sore we never want to wear them again.... until the next time we want to dress up.

To be honest, I hate heels. I am a short woman and I never wear heels. The last time I wore heels was probably my wedding nearly 20 years ago. They hurt my feet and I'd rather have my feet comfy than to wear fashionable heels. Give me flats anytime of the week!

My daughter on the other hand loves heels! She's a fashionista, that's for sure.

I'm not a heel person, haven't had many places in life to wear them. So I can't really comment on the trend, but some of those shoes look a little painful to me.

I got my first pair of tiny 'heels' when I was in 6th grade and since I'm now 63, that was a long time ago! I've worn HIGH heels just about every day ever since - casual jeans to formal wear, the whole time I was a Flight Attendant in the '70s - across the country and around the world! I may be a Gramama to 2 precious Grandchildren, but I do not want to ever look 'granny-ish'! I must say that the high platforms these days are harder for Us Tall Gals to wear, since we already tower over others...but I wear them as high as I possibly can - as long as I can! They add An Elegant my Style - ;-}


Your blog title is fabulous! I can appreciate high heels, and found that after losing a few lbs and getting into better shape, I didn't mind wearing them again...I have a pair of Guess strappys that are TO.DIE.FOR. However, I'm not a fan of the platform trend at all, so I guess I can't really relate. Love that you're working it, though, and your husband appreciates it. Nothing like support for your (healthy) addiction, huh?
Peace and good to you.

I'm 5ft 6 1/2, and I feel that high heels make me TOO tall, so I never wear them. I don't have anywhere to wear them too, anyway! I do love how they look, but they are just not for me!

I have the hardest time with heels that I just give up and go with flats!

The shoes are adorable, but I could never wear them! My daughter, who plays volleyball, sometimes wears high heals and I'm always afraid she will twist her ankle!

Dawn trust me some are painful. But I guess since I'm in the fashion industry you just work through the pain (sometimes).

I love your comment Lynden. Just because you have the title as grandmother doesn't mean you have to dress the part. Wear what accents your best features and wear your heels as long as you can.

Thanks for the compliment Beloved. I would love to see a photo of your Guess shoes. My addictions are shoes, bags, and big hair, lol.

Wow Faith I must say you are the first short women I have heard say this, "I hate heels." That is really cool. All my friends who are under 5'5" wouldn't go outside their home without their heels. You can be a fashionista without wearing heels.

No.... don't give up. There are a pair heels out there for you with your name on them. It might not be a pump but it might be a wedge sandal for the springtime with your favorite dress. Or maybe a kitten heel you can wear with jeans. Don't give up!

Janis there are many young ladies who do twist their ankle. It's always good to start off with a small heel, get use to waling in these and then work your way up to a higher heel.

Just as I have explained to Janis you should start off with a smaller heel and get comfortable with that. Once you are then move up to a slightly higher heel and so forth.

I've never tried a pair on (and likely never will), but I think they're ridiculous. I have yet to see a woman walk in them gracefully. They look like a giraffe that can't bend its knees. Style doesn't mean that much to me. I'd rather be comfortable... but... to each his/her own! Happy day. Deb

I have noticed that the heels are getting higher and higher. Well I'm average height so it doesn't bother me too much. But the worst thing is when women wear extremely high heels and can't walk in them.

I love heels but 2-3" is about as high as I will go. I was always told high high heels wasn't good for your back. Hey I say if you love then keep it up!

Thanks for this great post!
Still Dating My Spouse

Visiting from the 100 comment blog hop.

I can't handle these high heels. Most of my heels are only about 2", and I'm only 5'2".

wow that's high! I gave up my heels when I met Hubs. He's a few inches taller than me and I like a diff in height so I preferred to take on flats!

Hey, some people love/need/live in high heels. More power to them. I can only wear a 2" heel. Otherwise, I look stupid walking. I always laugh at those girls who can't walk in their heels. I will not be one of them!

I feel good in low heels. It gives me a little longer leg but I can still walk gracefully.

I am not a heels woman. I got vertigo looking at those pics! I'm pretty sure I'd break something wearing those.

Wish I could wear any heels. I have terrible feet and have a hard time with regular shoes. You go girl. I think you are fortunate to have a tall husband. Poor Nic Kidman is back to wearing low heels. 100 comment event.

I have never worn heels I do have a pair of black boots with heels about 2" but that is about all I can take. I am 5'8.5 and my husband is 5'9 so it doesn't take much to tower over him. I prefer not to look down at him. :)

These heels are so beautiful - wishing they were in my shoestring budget! At 5'2" I would wear them all the time, if I wasn't always running after kiddos! Someday... You go girl with your heels! I have a tall daughter and want her to be as proud as you to wear what she wants, no matter the height!

These heels are so beautiful - wishing they were in my shoestring budget! At 5'2" I would wear them all the time, if I wasn't always running after kiddos! Someday... You go girl with your heels! I have a tall daughter and want her to be as proud as you to wear what she wants, no matter the height!

First anything with Tea in it interest me and two I also love high heel shoes. I love the Madden Pumps, I think I will kick up my heels and have a cup of tea :)


oh wow - I used to do heels before I became a teacher! :) I can do about a 3" heel comfortwise but after that I am in PAIN! They LOOK so elegant but I just can't do it. Now I am lucky if I can even FIND a heel that I like - the styles these days just don't seem to suit me... :( But so interesting to hear about how styles are going b/c I am usually not up on this stuff! :)

I've always had this "thing" for the way high heels look. As a woman, they always make me feel more confident and sexy! With that said, I haven't purchased a pair of heels since 2008 (before my 1st pregnancy!) and I have been scouting and looking (drooling) ever since! I'm unfamiliar with this new trend and I would've probably never noticed even if I bought a pair and wore them because for me, the taller the better! I'm only 5'4" and my husband is 6'2" so the closer I get to his altitude, for some reason, the more attractive I feel.

I'm average height and own two pairs of heels. . . I'm more into functional clothing than fashion! But I may have to try out the platforms and see how they feel.

I love my heels, too! Not sure I love this new trend of combining heels and platforms though, it just doesn't sit well with me.

I'm another shortie (5'4") and I can't handle heels. In fact my daughter loves for me to try them on so she can watch me wobble just trying to stand up straight in them! She's 4'9" and she adores a pair of cute high heels!

For me at 5'2" the higher the heel the better. But I love all shoes, short and tall. Now I want to go shoe shopping hehe

Hello Everyone! I just want to say thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving your comments. They are so highly appreciated by me. I hope this post has opened the door for you to check me out regularly and for us to become Blogger friends. Much Love & Fashion Fun to each and everyone of you.
Tea Todd

As a teen, I wore heels, but I never really learned how to walk real well in them. Now, I always buy flats. I can't juggle kids and concentrate on walking. I only 5' 4 1/2".

Oh my! Those are quite the shoes lol. I could never wear regular heels, much less those. More power to those who can!


I love wearing heels too! But I hate the fact that a lot of the great styles usually have like 5 inches of heels. 3 1/2 is ideal for me. Missed it so much when I got preggo!

I agree. Heels are just way too high these days. I've never been able to walk very well in heels. They are too uncomfortable and make me look awkward.

I haven't been able to wear heels for a long time because of feet issues. Those shoes are cute!

I'm only five foot tall, so heels would work wonders for me. Guess what!?!? My ankles are too weak to wear heels. Ugh!!

I don't wear heels because I'm extremely accident prone and it just feels like I'm dancing with trouble. However, I like the look of a heel. I wish I could pull one off. I'm struggling with just finding shoes that are comfortable and cute. I'm not sure designers have practicality in mind when they design. No normal person(I know) is wanting 6+ inch heels.

Love hidden platforms, and I am an ex-ballerina and I actually feel more comfortable in heels (because of hyper-extension etc). But I agree, there is a point that is too high, as I keep turning my ankle.

I love high heels too! They can cause major accidents. :)

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