Jun 28, 2012


Sometimes it's best to buy on the higher end for clothing items.  It's all about quality verse quantity.  You should only buy what your budget will allow you to buy, no using credit cards if you can't pay it off before accruing the interest.  Quality items that should be bought are jackets, handbags, shoes, and any other item that you practically live in.  For instance if you work in an office and must dress business causal you might want to invest in the basics such as dresses, shoes, blazers, shirts, and a handbag.  You can buy less inexpensive accessories to update the basics.  Never spend top dollar (of what you can afford) on trendy pieces.  Take for instances these sheer wide leg pants.  Yes I love them, they are cute.  But I will not pay more than $30-$40 for them.  1). They are trendy.  2). They will not carry over to fall/winter.  3). It isn't a style I hold dear to my heart.  So if you see something that you absolutely love and feel like you need buy a less expensive version of it first because most likely you will realize 1). you don't love it and/or 2). it will be on the clearance rack by mid season.  Is there a trend you have to have at the moment?  Tell me about it.

Much Love & Fashion Fun

Tea Todd

Click here for the $189 pant
Click here for the $22.80 pant

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