Jun 2, 2012


Rihanna's new movie Battleship is out for the summer.  And like every celebrity who has a new project they try to get as much exposure as they can to promote that project.  After reading Styleite's article about Rihanna's new Esquire cover it made me think, "Is she over exposing her ass(ets)?"  What happened to that sweet, good girl she was when she was telling the DJ to turn the music up?  I feel like everything she has been doing for the past few years has been so sexual.  The 24 year old is beautiful but being sexy all the time gets old fast.  It would be refreshing to see her be sexy in more demure ways sometimes.  I would love to style her for a photo shoot so people can see her for who she really is, not just a hot sexy young woman. What is your opinion?  Is this just a phase to get attention or her true style?

Much Love & Fashion Fun

Tea Todd

 image from Styleite

image from Styleite

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