Aug 28, 2013


My baby girl is almost here!  Her due date is a little more than a week away.  Everything is in place.  Her car seat is installed.  Her crib is set up.  Her clothes are ready to go.  And most important the house is clean.  The first few days of my maternity leave was spent organizing and deep cleaning.  To my blessing a dear friend sent her maid to take over this tedious chore for me.  God bless her & her husband.  Now I'm spoiled.  All throughout my pregnancy I tried my very best to keep up my household but part of me wish I would have thought about getting a maid sooner and ask for more help with the daily chores.  After reading Mommy Noire's article about what not to do when pregnant made me realize I didn't play the pregnancy card like I should have, lol.  Just because I'm preggo doesn't mean I'm immobile.  But I'm the type of person if I want something done I'll just do it myself.  Well lesson learned (for when baby #2 comes).  Don't try to be a superwoman while pregnant.  Enjoy this time to have someone do all the stuff that you shouldn't be doing.  Here is a brief review of what preggos should not be doing:

1. Cleaning with harmful chemicals.  I stayed away from this my first trimester but by time the second trimester rolled around I couldn't take it anymore.  I cleaned but wore a mask.
2. Taking out the trash & bending down.  I couldn't wait for someone to come by to bend down and pick up stuff for me.  I know I've bent down more than I should have though.
3. Moving furniture.  I was so bad at this one.  I would be motivated to do stuff like organize our bedroom/nursery when I was alone.  So I had no one to help.  But I should have waited to do this.
4. Laundry.  There is just no way I could let this go.  I would tell the hubby to put the clothes in the dryer from time to time though.
5.Mopping/Vacuming.  Once agian I just couldn't wait for this to be done if it needed to be done right then and there.

You can read the full article here from Mommy Noire.  What things have you done that you weren't suppose to do while pregnant?

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

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