Dec 29, 2011


I know you have seen them.... people shopping in stores wearing their pajamas!!!!  I'm talking about those who wear Spongebob sweatpants and raggedy house slippers with dingy tee shirts.  But there are the other kinds of people who wear their pjs in public.  They looked polished, simple, and chic.  You look twice at them because they are going against the norm but in a tasteful way.

The classic pj can now be worn on the streets in stylish ways.  Take a look at some the photos of people wearing this look.  Would you dare do it yourself?  You can.  Just start small.  Maybe wear loafers with a white button down shirt and black denim pants.  To take it a step further pair your black denim with the loafers and a pj top.  Tuck the top into the front of your pants and let the back hang.  Add a clutch and a bold necklace.  This is simple yet different.  Enjoy.

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