May 24, 2012


A coworker introduced me to Parisian macaroons last year.  I fell in love, sorry Target chocolate chip cookie (they are huge and only $1).  A macaroon is a meringue like cookie that has the best texture imaginable.  It's a little crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.  If you don't like almonds you most likely wont like a Parisian macaroon.  But if you do.... you'll love them, they are made out of almonds.  There are so many flavors that is difficult to make a selection once at the bakery.  My favorite so far is the pistachio flavor.   For something to be so small they pack a lot of sweetness that can satisfy the biggest sweetooth.  Maybe I can ask Tasha, my cousin who bakes, if she can attempt to make me some of these delicious little treats.  I'm a little intimidated to make them myself.  Martha Stewart has a lot of different flavors to try making yourself.


Tea Todd

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