May 10, 2013


I have always loved to dress up and express myself through my clothing.  But in the past few years of settling into married life, buying our first home, working full time, and now being pregnant my lust for clothing had to be put to the side.  Oh and there's the little things called weight gain and growing older.  These two things alone makes it harder to find stylish, affordable clothing for my (tall, big breasted, small hips, but big butt) self.  Don't get me wrong I love my shape (I'm speaking pre-pregnancy and now) but I'm way too big to shop at places like Forever 21 and a little too grown as well.  So its a battle to find clothing to ft my shape without making me look bigger or sloppy, and not put together. 
Now I have the new battle of dressing around JuJu's (our unborn child) bump.  Because I'm so top heavy I have to pay close attention to how clothing falls on my body.  The past month I've hit some home runs and some I've had some strikes.  For instance I bought a dress before JuJu's bump was even showing.  I knew the dress would grow with me and I would look fabulous wearing it.  WRONG!  I put it on and I look like I was wearing an old school mumu.  Not flattering at all!  I started to think I would look horrible during the remainder of my pregnancy, I want to be comfortable but stylish too. I looked into my bag of styling tricks and started wearing tighter clothing.  I'm not trying to pull a Kim K. but I've noticed I look 20lbs lighter (and cuter) with a fitted tee and skinny jeans then I do with a flowing top.  So now I'm on the hunt for new clothing for the rest of my maternity; I donated almost all my clothes and rest left over I had to store away for post pregnancy.  Here are a few of my looks these past week.  Tell me what you think.  How do/did you dress for your pregnancy?  Did you prefer comfort over style or vice versa?

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

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