Jul 2, 2013


Now knowing that JuJu is a girl I'm starting to realize there will be many Barbie play dates in the future.  I loved Barbie growing up.  In the 80's there were only white Barbie & black Barbie.  I had both colors.  But black Barbie was just a painted version of the white Barbie.  At 5 years old I really did not notice the difference, but when I got older I caught on.  Now Barbie comes in all complexions and hair textures.  I am so happy about this.  There are many options for JuJu to chose from now that I didn't have back in the day.  These dolls are so beautiful that it will be hard for me to let her play with these dolls and not store them as collectors items.  I pulled some images off the web to showcase the many choices young girls have when it comes to Barbie now.  I believe having a doll that looks like you does build self esteem but it's also up to us as parents to build our child's self esteem first.  Whether if JuJu is light, dark, or anything in between, it starts with me and the hubby in telling her how smart, talented, and beautiful she is.  Having a doll that look like her will only add to her self esteem.  What do you think?  Is Barbie a self esteem booster?

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

Here is an interesting article published back in 2009 about Black Barbie.

All images pulled from the web (google)

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