Jul 29, 2013


I haven't talked to much about my pregnancy but once the hubby & I get my blog more organized there will be a section dedicated to motherhood/parenthood.  If you didn't know already we are expecting the arrival of our first daughter in 6 weeks or less.  We've been scrambling around trying to get everything ready for her birthday.  This past weekend we shopped for two days looking for the perfect travel system (a stroller & carseat combo) and crib.  I found the perfect crib at Ikea a few weeks back and we went there to pick it up.  Well needless to say it's on back order. 

So we continued looking around and found a closet.  We didn't intend to purchase a closet for her but it made sense to do so since all her 0-12 month clothes have already over taken our personal closet.  The closet (STUVA) we liked cost over $250 (more than the crib).  So with a little imagination we got creative.  We decided to forgo the door panels and the matching drawers.  This saved us $145 right away.  We decided to build her closet with four pull out wire bins, one shelf, and two closet rods.  So for a $105 (+tax) our lil Contessa has her own personal closet space.  This will grow with her because we can always change the rods, the wire bins, and the shelf to accommodate what we need to store in it. 

After building this unit we loved it so much we think we will get a second one for the extra storage for when she starts accumulating a lot of toys.  We love Ikea.  I was going to make a curtain to cover the closet but for now we are leaving it to showcase how cute all her tiny clothes are.  If your a parent of just looking for tips on how to stretch your dollar Ikea is the place to go.  You can click here to see how our simple closet can look with the change of the doors.  Here are options that are more sophisticated.  Another idea is buying a large bookcase from a yard sale.  You can re paint it and take the shelves out to install rods, bins, etc to make it your own.  I hope this was helpful.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

P.S. We taken one night stand out to accommodate her closet space.  There is a lot more storage space than a two drawer night stand.

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