Jul 31, 2013


How many times have you seen a cute look but thought, "I'm too old for that? "  Or "My stomach is not in shape to wear that." Don't think like that.  Just try to find a way incorpate a piece that will work for your style and body type.  I found this cute look on stylelustpages.com.   The crop top with a high waist skirts/pants/shorts is a major trend this summer.  Don't let your age or body shape stop you from trying this look. I will state that this look should be kept for nightime/weekend wear.  Do not try to get away with this at the office.  The blazer will cover what you don't want to show in the middle but you'll still get that little flash of skin.  If you're still slightly uncomfortable pick a short that sits higher on your waist and/or a longer length crop top.  And lastly if that fails just add a shirt under the crop top that is similar in color or to your skin tone.  I hope this has helped you try something a little daring and realize that your age or body shape doesn't have to be the factor in stopping you from trying a new trend.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Tea Todd

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing with me :)