Nov 1, 2011


So I came across this article on one of my fav sites, styleite.  The issue at hand is a necklace that Forever 21 is selling of a lil Asian girl, named Oriental Girl Necklace.  The necklace is very cute, so cute that I bought one a year ago, so it's not new.  My issue is the issue that is being made over it.  Is it racist?  Stereotypical?  Out of bad taste?  I guess it depends on each individual.  If the store sold a lil Black girl with an afro I would have purchased that one in addition to my previous purchase.  I do agree that the name of the necklace should be changed.  I would be upset if they named the lil Black girl necklace a negative stereotype.  I've had my issues with Forever 21 but I highly doubt they would have negative intentions on making and selling a product that would target a persons ethnicity.  But after all this is just my opinion.  What are your opinions on this article?  Enjoy.

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