Nov 16, 2011


I am working on my Christmas card etiquette this year. With that being said I will send out my holiday cards right after Thanksgiving and not the day after Christmas. LOL! I am so bad when it comes to sending out my holiday cards. I always have good intent, but never follow through. You know the drill.
1. You buy the Christmas cards
2. You get the list of addresses.
3. You write in each cards meaningful thoughts to your loved ones.
4. You put the cards in the envelopes and address them.
5. You buy the stamps & mail them out.
Well as you can see step 5 is where I go wrong. But this year will be different because Shutterfly is having a 40% off sale on holiday cards. Get started now b/c I don't know when this sale ends. the sale ends today (Nov. 16th).  The promo code is CARD40. You can add one photo of yourself/family or add 4+ photos.  You can custom tailor your holiday card to your liking.  Enjoy.
P.S. Go out and buy your stamps now : )

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  1. Ok I just found out that the sale ends today!!!!!