Nov 29, 2011


Since Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is over, and life can now get back to being normal (at least for the workweek) I can get back to finding cool stuff for you.  With that being said, lets check out an online store called Esty.  It's a pretty cool site where anyone can be their own boss.  Here is a list of a few items you can buy and sell on the site: Art, Clothing, Furniture, Books, Paper Goods, Vintage Items and much, much more.  I came across this cool neck warmer that is handmade and I want one sooooo bad.  I love the little details such as the buttons and different texture of ribs.  The designer will custom make one for you if you don't like the colors or styles she has available.  Check out her store for scarfs and hats too.   Her neck warmers are ideal for those days you don't want to fidget with tying your scarf to perfection but you still want to look perfect.  Enjoy.

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