Nov 21, 2011


This is new.  I thought I would share with you different deals that you might be interested in.  Now through November 23rd is having a 80% off sale.  What this means is you can buy a e-certificate to a restaurant for $10 and get $25 worth of food.  Once you apply the promo code at checkout for 80% off your e-certificate will be $2.  Now that is a sweet deal.  Make sure you read the details for each restaurant because many of them have different terms & policies for redeeming e-certificate.  You can buy gift cards to restaurants in different cities as well.  I have used these e-certificates and they are great, especially the larger amounts.  When entertaining a large group this would be great to use or even if you just order lunch for yourself.  Don't miss out on this great deal.  The code is SHOP.  Enjoy.

*e-certificate:  This is like a gift card but you print it out.  So there isn't an actual card just a printed piece of paper.

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