Nov 17, 2011


If you know me personally you know I am a big Beyonce Fan. What I really love about her is she seems so real (like one of your girlfriends) & she is private (not blasting her business to the media). Yes she could be a Diva and be rude to people/fans but she hasn't been. I finally found a photo of her in her wedding dress. I have read what some people are saying about the dress, "Typical wedding dress", and "Boring." I understand that not everyone is a fan, and that is ok. But that is the dress she chose and clearly she looks happy wearing it. You can't please everyone. I think she looked great. Love the fresh face, not too many people can pull that off. True beauty radiates from the inside out. Make sure you're consistently working on this for yourself. She also looked gorgeous wearing the the wedding dress from her music video "Best Thing I Never Had." What do you think? Which dress do you think she looks best in? Enjoy

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